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tv   Prime News  HLN  November 12, 2009 4:10am-5:00am EST

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legislative distillation. >> first of all i send my condolences to the family and friends of jean edwards, his constituent, who tragically fell seriously ill in turkey. and shortly afterwards died. can i say that the law commission are looking at this very much at the moment that it is an important area of protecting the consumer. is right to raise this as an issue that has got to be dealt with in future laws. we will consider the law commission's proposal very thoroughly, and other authorities at the right time. but i commend him for raising this important matter where a change of law is obviously needed. >> we have seen our normal weekly clash. would've been nice to have all the party leaders on the same platform on the next general election by having the same time a referendum on e.u. mothership? after all -- after all, that would relieve the poison and a
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distortion that this unanswered question has on british politics? >> the real tory party speaks. mr. speaker, mr. speaker, this is the man who made a cast-iron commitment to have a referendum. what faith can the public having any promise he makes now? >> the news today that we had the biggest rise in people in employment for 18 months is for a good news, but in my own constituency there's been many job losses, particularly in the steel industry. the greater something that has been the effect of the stainless, public sector investment in building and infrastructure, and drink as we begin to see improvement in the economy, will my wise old friend show me he will continue to support manufacturing? >> i absolutely agree with them but felt help that we been able to give to small businesses as well as low interest-rate have been absolutely vital in helping
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the crew to the economy and helping all the comments in this country. i have to remind him also, i have to remind him also that 200,000 businesses, including businesses in grigsby, have benefited from the help we have given. that would not have been possible if we had followed the ideas of the opposition. >> mr. speaker, on the first of october, the european commission serve notice on the united kingdom government in breach of european law for failure to pay disability living allowance and other exploitable benefits to u.k. citizens. will the prime minister now give the order so that these elderly and frail men and women, some of whom have served in our armed forces, get the money they need and deserve? >> mr. speaker, i shall look at that matter private. >> mr. speaker, my friend will be aware of the recent discovery of the largest collection. would he give to a plan to
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create in this region a saxon tourist trail and support the campaign to bring this to be displayed in the ancient capital, the saxon capital of the kingdom, the countdown worth? >> i think he makes a very, i think he makes a very strong case for the gold, but i think the british museum is concerned to make sure it does remain in the west midlands and available for people to see, if not used. . . óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóf
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troops do in afghanistan. óóey are utterly professional. óe have to show people why we are in afghanistan, there's a óhain of terror that come from óóe mountains that could threaten the streets of london ónd we have got to show people óith the great commitment of energy and expertise of our armed forces we have a plan to óóke sure the afghans can take óóre control of their affairs so that over time our troops can come home. ó applaud in the difficult óircumstances where 3-quarters óf deaths and explosive devices ót every member of our armed
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forces in afghanistan. ó> a recent search from the óommonwealth of 10,000 physicians in 11 developed nations primary health care. i would like to explain to the house that government funds and the opposition -- >> yesterday we were able to say there would be personal guarantees made to patients and families then they will receive cancer treatment is necessary within two weeks by seeing a consultant, will receive hospital operations if they are needed within 18 weeks. they will have gps available in the evening and weekends. this is how the health service must work, making for personal service is available to every person in the country. it is unfortunate that the guarantees we are prepared to make the opposition opposes.
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>> the prime minister knows that 1.3 million -- did the most fantastic job looking -- 24/7. what was allocated to support -- only 10% of that -- in my area, 365,000 is available. only 3,600 lbs. -- to make sure care actually gets the rest that they need and not simply another headline. >> let me thank the carriers in our country for the work they do under the most extreme pressure to help and emphasize their relatives. we have determined to do more overtime to help all carers making sure they have the can you are talking about. we have set aside this money and not want to see it spent.
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>> let me introduce myself. maybe somebody will find a fair for him. this is fine. okay. we're very pleased that all of you have come. we are especially pleased by our two speakers today. it's going to be on a topic of significance. let me tell you why this is significant, not just for our school, but also for the united states, and the middle east in general. let me also say that this is by the program on u.s. foreign policy. and dr. jim murray is here, who is the program chair. and we're very pleased to sponsor it. president obama at the very beginning of his administration chose to keep the middle east, the highest priority. and set out the goal of comprehensive peace as the best way to move. this region, that has been in
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turmoil for decades, to a place of stability and hopefully liberalization in general. the israeli-palestinian struggle is at comprehensive peace. but also it is the israeli relationship to the u.s. hearing relationship, israeli relationship with lebanon, israeli relationship with all of the arab countries that have formally announced in arab initiative by which they agree to recognize israel if israel were to permit the creation of an independent palestinian state. so this is a key moment for the middle east. it is a very important moment for the united states. president obama appointed senator george mitchell to be his special envoy.
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they had their first set of objectives by israel and palestine as the two-state solution as the goal, and freeze as critical to the negotiations. as many of you may know, israel had agreed to agree the settlements as long as as the oslo agreements in 1993, but settlements kept increasing. as a result, the palestinians felt that new negotiations could not begin unless there was an agreement that they should not -- the settlement should not be extent the first. but it's on that issue that israeli-palestinian negotiation has been. and today we are going to look at a series of possible alternative for the process of peace in the middle east. and that is the negotiations
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with and the serious negotiation with the united states to normalize between the two countries. in the 1960 war at the end of that, israel had taken control of the heights of syria and egypt, and all of jerusalem, and it promised a plan for peace. if the enemies were willing to recognize israel, and to make peace, it was prepared to give land back. and that's what happened as a result of mr. carter mediation on regard to israel, and that peace process has remained. the -- it has not happened with regard to the syria yet. but syria has put forth a
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proposal. and one the questions on the table for all of us to discuss today is what is the prospect of that original proposal of peace. is syria prepared to accept land for peace? is israel prepared to accept land for peace? the originally formula. the second critical question is the relationship between syria and the united states. that relationship had broken down in the -- about five or six years ago. there's the comprehensive plans that have been imposed on syria. but the sanctions has been opposed. syria has removed its troops from lebanon. which was one the major concerns. and as it has moved to try to see if the relationship with
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iraq as well as with the united states. senator mitchell has gone to syria several times, and he has pledged to try to move forward in the process. he is promised to send back the u.s. ambassador to damascus. that is the second question before us today. we are very, very fortunate to have two very eloquent spokesman that can address those two questions about the processes for peace between israel and syria. our principal speaker is


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